A Guide to Vaping Juices


Smoking of cigarettes has some serious side effects both to the active and the passive smoker but even with the awareness creating going around quitting the habit is easier said than done. There are companies that have joined the war against smoking through the making of products such as nicotine patches and gum among others. Electronic cigarettes are the newest entries in the products used to combat addiction to smoking. You will be surprised at how alike an e-cigarette is to a real one, they are designed to look feel and function same as the real deal. You get to have smoke from an e-cigarette but it’s not from the burning of tobacco. Learn more here.

The nicotine inhaled with an e-cigarette is safe for both the passive and active smoker ads it does not contain the carcinogens that are harmful as with the real tobacco. The e-cigarette contains a liquid also known as the vaping juice in a small compartment inside the cigarette. The moment the smoker inhales a battery powered atomizer turns a small amount of the liquid into vapor. The nicotine vapor from the e-cigarette hits the system in seconds as compared to the nicotine gum which takes minutes to do the same. The glowing light of the e-cigarette is just to simulate a real cigarette.

Nicotine cartridges come in different strengths, you have the full strength you can start with if you are heavy smoker and move to the half strength and finally the minimal strength and at that point you will be ready to let go of the habit. This will, however, take some patience as you don’t break years of addiction in a day. The success of the e-cigarettes comes with the inhaling feeling that the smoker gets to have compared to nicotine patches and gum. Discover more now.

Vaping juices have become more popular today as people turn to the use of e-cigarettes. The vape juices may come with the nicotine or not but that depends on your individual preference. The heating required to effectively vaporize the e juice ranges between 200 and 400 degrees.

E- juice have flavors inspired by fruits mainly and as the person vaping you can have a favorite. The flavor used on the juices is similar to that used in different foods , they are safe for consumption. The vaping juice will contain propylene glycol that helps to distribute flavor evenly through the liquid so as to have the same experience as you vape to the last drop. Online shops are the choice for many, the web will help you in locating the shops that are near you. If you find a good dealer, you can be having all your refills with them later on when you run out.

Read more now: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/24/e-cig-dangers-liquid-nicotine-_n_5022522.html.


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